Build Trust & Engagement
Online with Your Clients
& Students

Do you feel disconnected from your clients & students when
communicating online? Is it taking longer to build their trust?

Learn advanced tools & tangible skills to build Trust &
Engagement online faster.

Student Participation

Learn simple but advanced techniques to build trust and connection with your students for increased class participation

Learning & Retention

Learn to use each interaction with a student to develop their identity and shape how they learn. Increase their ability to learn & retain information

Black Screens

Become re-inspired to teach students in an online setting. Reduce student black screens and increase dialogue in your classes

Learn the Tools, Practice the Skills, Celebrate the Results

Connecting with students is changing. Interactions with colleagues, students, and our community is shifting online for safety and convenience. But how do we create trust and build connection when we are so far apart physically?

The great thing about this new challenge in communication is that the answers, the skills and methodology around communicating online, are also the skills that can increase engagement and trust when engaging in person as well.

Support, Workshops & Training
(Available starting January 2021)

Video Tutorial Library

Learn incredible skills in a short period of time with our 3-10min on-demand video library. Each video is a new skill that can be practiced and developed for incredible, immediate results in your Online Communication.

Live, 2 Way Webinars

Gain access to webinars that are run just like your classes & events. Live, 2 way, interactive and engaging. Enjoy access to a variety of live training webinars each year for Q&A, Troubleshooting and Training.

Private Workshop

Would you like your entire team and Faculty to develop their communication skills online? Inquire now about scheduling a private seminar or workshop for your team for a customized experience.

Learn proven methods for engaging your students & Team to develop a new perspective around building connection and trust online. 

Connect with Your Team & Students, Even When Teaching From a Distance

Start learning these advanced engagement strategies today and have one of your best classes yet!

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